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Morning Prayer

I'd like to invite everyone to join in Morning Prayer via telephone at 10:00am on Easter Sunday (April 12th).  We will follow the Daily Morning Prayer: Rite Two found on page 75 of the Book of Common Prayer.  If you do not have a BCP handy, click the link below. 


BCP Daily Morning Prayer

To join the call:
  1. Call 622-2663
  2. The automated voice will ask for your code, enter 175450#
  3. The automated voice will ask for your name, just say your first name, then hit the # button.
  4. You'll be brought into the call as soon as the person hosting the call joins.

Requests to ensure we have good calls:
  • Conference calls are a bit awkward if you aren't used to them.  It's OK if it seems that way, and, you may not like it at first.  However, after you participate in several you'll get used to the interaction style so don't give up after the first few minutes.
  • Join the call 1-2 minutes before start time.  Everyone joining late will create a distraction as the automated voice will announce your arrival.
  • If more than one person is joining in the same building/home, either share one phone on speaker or call from separate rooms with the doors closed.  If you can hear each other then it will create a feedback loop that will ruin the call.
  • Only use speaker phone if you are in a quiet place without any background noise.  And, understand that anything you say using a speaker phone will be hard for everyone to hear.
  • Consider muting your phone if you are in a noisy area.  You'll have to do this on your phone as there is no option to do it within the conference call.  
  • If there is a discussion, please understand that only one person can speak at a time for it to be audible.  So, take your time and allow whoever is speaking to finish before talking.
  • Mail: PO Box 773223
  • Street: 17545 N Eagle River Loop Rd
  • Eagle River
  • Alaska
  • 99577

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